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Theater Duisburg 2023

This season Theater Duisburg greets its audience with a subtler, softer, and calmer theme. It provides the exact opposite of the previous season's visual concept while maintaining the same key visuals and typing styles. This season, the residents of Duisburg are thought to be familiar with the campaign, so they are welcome to feel at home with the new embracing cozy identity.

Soft, nostalgic, warm, local-priority, feeling of belonging, embracing the audience

Design: Photography, a new identity to the same key visual, poster, billboard, and magazine design, tickets
Magazine Covers:
Posters of Programs:
Program Tickets:
mockup ticket2q.jpg
Images from the Campaign:
This campaign was designed for "Deutsche Oper am Rhein" under a university contract as the continuous season of Theater Duisburg. A campaign made by Ilayda Dinc. 2022.

Design Tools: Autodesk 3Ds Max, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop
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