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Installation Design and Editorial

Here Today, Gone Tomorrow is an installation that uses a variety of materials to create a unique exhibition experience. By incorporating light, window displays, and different textures, visitors are transported to the present moment, because this installation building will be taken down by the end of the year. So by making the "Here Today" part neon painted, the carved shatters close to make the "Gone Tomorrow" part unfocused while lights turn to UV, reminding visitors to appreciate what is there today before it's gone.

Shutters open
Shutters closed
Exhibition Magazine Example Pages
This is the graduation project of Ilayda Dinc, supervised by Prof. Michael Pichler (FH Aachen), and Prof. Christian Stindl (HSRW). 2023/2024.
The project is composed of 8 installations, and only some of them are showcased. The work is based on a real place, made with the help of exhibition collaborators iovermorgen from Aarhus, Denmark. 

Design: 3D modeling, installation design, and modeling, installation media, exhibition graphics, thesis documentation magazine, exhibition magazine.
Design Tools: Blender, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate
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