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Vision: A questionnaire deliberately prepared and designed to lead people to certain answers that raise people's self-worth and awareness. The quiz questions are often used in cognitive behavioral studies which combat body dysmorphia.
Product: Digital touch-screen to be placed in lounges of malls, where body insecurities arise. Additional mobile and web presence for the campaign.

Target: Young adults, teens, and pre-teens exposed to social media's negative effects on disrupted body perception.

Theme: Flawed, imperfect, unique, fun, modern, attractive, fresh, natural
Design elements
Mobile & web presence
Campaign assets
This project is completely an intellectual property of Ilayda Dinc and was designed under a mental health awareness campaign. It was supervised by licensed psychotherapy professionals. 2021.
Design: Illustration set, digital product, mobile interface, web interface, UI/UX, quiz design, visual identity

Tools: ProCreate, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Figma

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